Living in Our Properties

One Door Down is not like any other landlord. We take pride in the quality and condition of our accommodation and the customer service we offer our tenants. Many of our tenants are long term renters and some of their testimonials are included below.

A Landlord You Can Trust

We are an established landlord with a good reputation. We have been serving our tenants for 6 years and always put the comfort of our tenants first. We own and manage our properties for the long-term, so you can settle in and call it your home. We have a dedicated maintenance and cleaning team who will make sure the properties are always top condition.

You Deal With Us Directly

When you rent with us, you deal directly with us, there are no agents and fees. You be in contact with our professional and friendly property manager directly, who will make sure we will find you the perfect studio or flat. Once you move in you can always contact us in case you have any questions.

Flexibility & Security

​You are completely in control when you rent with us. We offer flexible lease terms, from 6 months to however long you want. We believe renters deserve security – we’re a corporate landlord who owns all of our buildings so we’re in it for the long haul which means you can rent with us for as long as you want! No renewal fees. Your deposit is secured through an Independent Government Tenancy Deposit Scheme.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions
What are the requirements to apply for a property?

To be eligible as an applicant you need to be over 18, have full time employment or be self employed with proof of income. You will be asked to complete our application form, provide proof of income, proof of address and identification. After completing this form our property manager will call you to do an interview.

Depending on your situation we might ask for employer reference, proof of income or past landlord references. You will need to provide us with 3 months of bank statement showing your income.

All our tenancy agreements are a fixed 6 month Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement. After the first 6 months this automatically rolls over into a monthly agreement whereby you have a 1 month notice period should you decide to end the tenancy.

We require 1 month rent as a deposit and the first month rent upfront. These funds must be received prior to the start of your tenancy.

We require 1 month rent as a deposit and the first month rent upfront. These funds must be received prior to the start of your tenancy.

All rents must be paid upfront by Standing order, the details will be in your Tenancy Agreement.

Pets are not allowed in any of our properties, sorry.

Your security deposit is deposited to an Independent Government Tenancy Deposit Scheme and at the end of your tenancy our property manager will inspect the property with you. Assuming there is no damage to the property, besides reasonable wear and tear, the deposit will be returned to you as per the Tenancy Agreement.

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